Review:Amnesia Memories

In a certain world and time, a young man pleads for anyone to save the life of his one true love.

In the space between time and worlds, a girl encounters a spirit named Orion, who sheepishly explains due to an accident, he had “fused” with her mental state. As a result, the girl has now lost all her memories. To make things right, Orion will help her regain those memories.


Thus begins the adventure of Orion and the young girl to recover her lost memories and at the same time, to ensure she does not fall prey to the many sinister plots on her life.

Title:Amnesia Memories.
Company: Otomate

Opening Song:
Kaori Oda – Reverberation

Amnesia is one of the more popular franchises from Otomate besides Hakuoki and Hiiro no Kakera, spanning a few fandiscs/sequels and an anime adaptation. Idea Factory finally heard the pleas and prayers of the Western fangirls, and localized the PS Vita re-release (Amnesia V Edition), and then subsequently ported it to the iOS/Android and the PC.

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Review: Hatoful Boyfriend


Dating sims can consist of the unconventional. There are ones where you date a Brother printer, a gorilla, a T-Rex, food, and our feathery flying friends.

Steam was having a sale for the series where you can date birds and morbid curiosity won over my wallet.

Originally an April Fool joke by Hato Moa, the brains behind PigeoNation, it somehow blossomed into a full blown game, which then spawned drama CDs, webseries, and even a manga.

By the pigeon, and for the pigeon.


All the feathery potential boyfriends, yo!

Title: Hatoful Boyfriend
Doujin Circle: PigeoNation
Platform: PC & Android/iOS
Rating: 15+

Our heroine, Hiyoko Tosaka is a 2nd year high school student who is starting her first day of school. Joining her at St Pigeonation Institute, a prestigious school that admits the best students around the country, is her childhood best friend, Ryouta Kawara, a Rock Dove…

Wait what?


Why does this sound very plausible?

It’s 2188. Humanity became a minority species due to a pandemic of H5N1 bird flu that all but wiped them out. A counter virus to eliminate the threat of H5N1 has instead, given the avian species intelligence. A war broke out between the two species, and in the end, the birds are now the dominant species with humans forced to live in the wilderness due to subsequent terrorist attacks that soured relationships between both homo sapiens and avis.

…..If the premise is too baffling for you, fear not; the game has an in built powerful visualizing engine that depicts most of the birds as handsome boys/men.


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Review: Yo-Jin-Bo: Unmei no Freude

First and foremost, there’s a Kickstarter for Otomate’s Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama (猛獣使いと王子様) which would be localized as Beastmaster and Prince. There’s still two more weeks to go, keep the support rolling in!

Speaking of localization – before Aksys and MangaGamer, there was a company named Hirameki Interactive that translated visual novels – and they caused a stir when they announced that they will be translating TWO-FIVE’s Yo-Jin-Bo – Unmei no Freude, and Karin Entertainment’s Animamundi – Owari Naki Yami no Butou – localising it to “Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards” and “Animamundi :Dark Alchemist”

Hirameki unfortunately went belly-up in the 2000s era.  Their games are still available via J-List here.

For the first post of 2016 (I make no apologies for a lack of posts, life was hectic), today’s review would be about one of the localized otome visual novels that Hirameki brought it – aka Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards.


(Image obtained from TWO-FIVE website)

Name: Yo-Jin-Bo: Unmei no Freude (Localized: Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards)
Developer: Two-Five
Platform: PC/Playstation 2
Rating: 15+

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Otome Mobage Review – Midnight Cinderella!

My Twitter TL enjoy otome mobages more than me. Half the time when I log into Twitter I see them cackling over the cheesiness, and agonizing whether to spend hard earned cash on extra tickets or new games. The last time I tried a romance mobage, I nearly threw my phone at a wall. At the moment I’m mustering all my patience to complete the game, but alas, I got a new computer rig, and there’s a carpal tunnel syndrome inducing game called Hammerwatch…

Back to the plot!

This review is brought to you courtesy of Denise, who was very kind to oblige my request for a review on an otome mobage. It was interesting to feature a review from a POV of a girl who recently got into this genre of games. Onwards!

Wow, all the handsome men!
Name: Midnight Cinderella – Ikemen Royal Romance
Developer: Cybird
Platform: Mobile (iOS & Android) – Free-to-Play
Rating: 15+

Once upon a time, in the land of Wysteria, its realistically-impractical political system is set up as a convenient plot device for a dating sim.

…no wait.

The land of Wysteria is looking for a princess elect from amongst all the eligible maidens in the land. As the reigning king has no heir, the election of the princess is crucial, particularly now when the neighbouring kingdom of Stein looms almost menacingly next door.

You, an ordinary tutor in Wysteria, have heard from your student about a rare white flower that only grows on the palace grounds, and remarkably, it grants wishes. Your student would use the wish to make her (implied to be quite seriously sick but for all we know she just has a broken leg) mother better. Naturally, as you are eligible for the position of princess elect, you can take the opportunity to find the white flower for her. After all, being princess hardly interests you so there is no loss.

Fate loves her jokes. So you end up becoming the latest Princess Elect of Wysteria. Your primary duty, apart from gathering the support of your people, is to choose a prince consort and stabilise the Wysterian throne by producing an heir.

Time to start looking around, Your Highness!

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Caerula Ada Emas consists of three girls – Rin Zhen and May + Matsuri who are writers on this blog who initially decided to simulcast watch Bakumatsu Rock via Skype, and proceeded to bust their livers from howling at the absurdity of the show.

Then in comes Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! which was the most ABSURD show ever watched, and the Skype chatroom name was changed into CAERULA ADA EMAS (a Bahasa Malaysia on words on Caerula Adamas – the so-called antagonist group of the show). The name stuck for future simulcasting chats.
(*BM to English translation: Ada Emas means Has Gold)

The three of us love Rejet. We love everything about them – their drama CD series, their otome games that are not your average otome game plots, and when it’s time for the announcement for new works, Twitter goes wild.

Early this year in February, Rejet announces an original anime produced in conjunction with Elements Garden and Avex doing the music, and releases a teaser:

We immediately JUMPED to Twitter and started spamming our poor TL with everything we can think of during the announcement – we were trying to figure the lyrics to the song in the teaser which was so so SO GOOD, and the gratuitous German tagline, almost similar to Bad Medicine’s teaser which quoted heavily from Nietzsche – was a quote from Goethe’s Faust.

Daß ich erkenne, was die Welt
Im Innersten zusammenhält,
Schau alle Wirkenskraft und Samen,
Und tu nicht mehr in Worten kramen.
To grant me a vision of Nature’s forces
That bind the world, all its seeds and sources
And innermost life—all this I shall see,
And stop peddling in words that mean nothing to me.

Summary: (from ANN)
Ritsuka Tachibana is a female second-year high school student who attends Shiko Academy in Shiko Town. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria, but one day, that balance fell into ruin when she discovers several of her attractive, male classmate are demons.

OP Song:Kakusei no Air – by Wataru Hatano
ED Song:Mademoi★selle – by PENTACLE★

Ritsuka Tachibana -Himika Akaneya
Rem Kaginuki – Soma Saito
Lind Tachibana – Wataru Hatano
Urie Sogami – Takashi Kondo
Mage Nanashiro – Subaru Kimura
Shiki Natsumezaka – Hirakawa Daisuke

When they announced the seiyuus:


Rin has an aversion to Hirakawa Daisuke, which Matsuri kindly reminded the follow conversation two seiyuus had:

Translation done by Matsuri!

Kishio: (Talking about a certain game) Maeno is not in it?!
Masuda: Nope
Kishio: That Maeno who is in almost every otome game!?
Masuda: www True, you kinda see Maeno’s name every 5 page in an otome magazine
Kishio: And Hirakawa-san in every 3 page
Masuda: wwwww
Kishio: Also Toriumi-san in every page


    Matsuri: You cannot escape Hirarin wwwwwwwwwwww

Last Thursday, the first episode aired, and the three of us, awaiting a new show to watch after the LAUGHTER FEST that is Binan Koukou (we are waiting for the second season to die laughing once more) – immediately arranged to watch it at the same time.

Then they announced a PS Vita game is gonna be released.


Lets begin!

Warning: This post contains a lot of unintelligible fangirling, butchering of the Malay AND English language, ROMANIZATION OF THE CANTONESE DIALECT, SINGLISH, and A LOT OF CAPS.
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Review: Kindan Kyuuketsuki Drama CD series

Japan loves their drama CDs. Japan also LOVES their supernatural bad boys. Look at the amount of VNs with demons, vampires, werewolves, youkai – so it was no surprise that there’s gonna be a drama CD series about vampires.

Rejet+Otomate released Diabolik Lovers as a series of drama CDs of modern vampires with questionable levels of sanity before releasing the game that sucked the life out of many fangirls, and about the same time, Team Entertainment decided to go back to the root of the vampire stereotype of the noble, handsome and dark undead men who are seeking their soulmate. Let’s not forget a rose theme! Gratuitous German and French! Oh, lets throw in history lessons as well!

Enter Kindan Kyuuketsuki (Forbidden Vampire) – 6 drama CD series about the Weiseheldenburg clan of vampires.

Illustrated by Suzunosuke (Known for her work on HitoshizukuP x Yama△ and mothy’s Vocaloid PVs) with the theme songs sung by the popular utaite Jack, and to deepen the stake into fangirl’s hearts – the drama CD series incorporates “dummy head recording”  – for the added element of realism.

For those who are unfamiliar with the dummy head mic recording, the setup works as if the characters are speaking to you in a real life situation.

Warning  – Please listen to this series when you are completely alone. Do not listen to this before sleeping. ALSO, PLEASE USE HEADPHONES.

The series consists of the following titles:

From top left to bottom right - Friedrich, Alexander, Oskar, Rudolf, Mateus and lastly, Maximillian.

From top left to bottom right – Friedrich, Alexander, Oskar, Rudolf, Mateus and lastly, Maximillian.

Volume 1 – The King of Red Roses
CV: Morikubo Shoutarou as Maximillian von Weiseheldenburg
Theme Song: Blood of Rose – The Forbidden Contract (Blood of Rose – Kindan no Keiyaku)

Volume 2 – The White Rose Prince
CV:  Hiro Shimono as Mateus von Weiseheldenburg
Theme Song:  Lunar Nocturne (Gessou Kyoku)

Volume 3 – The Knight of the Blue Rose
CV: Hiroki Yasumoto as Rudolf von Weiseheldenburg
Theme Song: Ao Honou (Blue Flames)

Volume 4 – The Yellow Rose Criminal
CV:Tachibana Shinnosuke as Friedrich von Weiseheldenburg
Theme Song: Eternité Granité

Volume 5 –  The Sage of the Purple Rose
CV: Kuroda Takaya as Oskar von Weiseheldenburg
Theme Song – Ode to the Dawn (Akatsuki no Tame no Ode)

Volume 6 –  The Black Rose Emperor
CV: Tsuda Kenjirou as Alexander von Weiseheldenburg
Theme Song: A Distant Nostalgia (Kanata Nostalgia)

Ramlliete – Jack
A compiliation of the Kindan Vampire theme songs:
Additional new songs:
Shigosen no Fiesta (Meridian Fiesta)
Aru Kyuuketsuki Monogatari no Kyoku (The Story of a Certain Vampire)

The entire summary of this series:
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Review: Cupid (A Visual Novel)

It’s been donkey years since I last did a proper review.

Ok, I exaggerate. It’s been 2 years.

Life was rocky for the lack of a better word. I stepped foot into the working world(aka “omg can I not do anything but potate”) and struggled with a battery of breakdowns with half healed wounds that kept reopening.

Things have gotten better, so I’m trying to get back into doing things I love – namely playing visual novels. I been playing sporadically during these two years since my last post – but with luck there’s gonna be more.

This doujin VN was highly recommended by Lore via Twitter, and I was intrigued by the keywords of “dark”, “love” and “well written” in her Twitter spazzing.

And off we begin!


Name: Cupid (A Visual Novel)
Developer: FERVENT
Platform: PC
Rating: 17+

“The sea of despair engulfs unwanted, jettison hearts.
We struggle with the weight of our existence tied to our ankles.”

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